15 Essential Oils for Letting Go in 2022

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We all have emotions, it’s what makes us human and differentiates one person from another. Sometimes we need to let things go in order for them to not break or tear at our core. We can either fill ourselves with positive emotions like compassion and love, or negative ones like jealously, hatred, resentment, and guilt.

Emotions play a role in our overall health and well-being. Sometimes, when we don’t release the negative emotions, they can linger around and actually manifest as physical ailments.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to release negative emotions. But there are certain essential oils that will allow you too!

In this post, we will talk about the best essential oils for letting go and why they can help!

Link Between Essential Oils and Emotions

Why can you use essential oils for letting go of those lingering negative emotions holding you back?

Scent has a powerful effect on the brain. Think about it. Have you ever smelled flowers, cookies baking, or maybe the smell of the ocean and instantly went back into your memories of similar moments? Frankincense always seems to remind me of being back in the Army.

Limbic System

The Limbic System is a set of brain structures located on both sides of the thalamus, immediately beneath the medial temporal lobe of the cerebrum primarily in the forebrain. It supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, long-term memory and olfaction. Emotional life is largely housed in the limbic system, and it critically aids the formation of memories.


When inhaled, essential oil molecules are so small that the limbic system registers the odor and carries it to the brain. As a response to the smell, the brain releases chemicals that communicate with the nervous system.

The amygdala is the gland in the brain that is responsible for storing and releasing emotional trauma. And guess what? The most effective way to stimulate and activate this gland is through smell!

The scents of essential oils can have a direct impact on our emotional health!

So, let’s get into. Here are the best essential oils for letting go!

Best Essential Oils for Letting Go

  • Angelica essential oils is very calming
  • Bergamot can help you release anger, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, and fear. It can also allow you to work on self-acceptance, love, and forgiveness.
  • Cedarwood can help put those anxious thoughts to rest
  • Cypress can be used to help deal with anger and resentment
  • Frankincense is great to use when feeling depressed. It is also useful in balancing emotions.
  • Geranium allows you to go into a state of deep relaxation.
  • Helichrysum will help you get in tune with unresolved and suppressed emotions, as well as bringing up memories we’ve forgotten about.
  • Jasmine can help promote positivity and satisfaction.
  • Lavender‘s calming nature can help you authentically express yourself and calm your mind.
  • Lemongrass can help cleanse toxic and negative emotions and help release any self-limiting beliefs.
  • Palmarosa is also very calming and can help with jealous and possessive emotions.
  • Peppermint can help you just deal with life in general and get rid of those knots you feel in your stomach.
  • Sandalwood can help calm overactive emotions.
  • Ylang ylang is great to use to help you face your fears.
  • Sweet Orange can help inspire creativity and a positive outlook

Using Essential Oils for Letting Go

What do we need to let go? Why do we need to let go?

If you are always thinking negative thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” or “That can never happen to me,” then you are exactly right. Once you start telling yourself these things, they automatically become true because you’re limiting yourself now. And the thing is, we probably do this every single day without even realizing it!

You can’t control everything that happens around you, but you CAN control the thoughts you feed yourself!

You can either feed your mind healthy nourishing and powerful thoughts or ones that can damage your mind and body. You can feed yourself toxic or empowering thoughts and feelings.

The way you think and feel will determine the signal your brain sends to the rest of your body. The brain releases chemicals and hormones that impact every single system of our body, to include the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems!

It is now being scientifically proven that continuously thinking negative thoughts about ourselves directly impacts the response of our immune system!

I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes it’s easier said than done to go from a negative frame of mind to a positive. It’s not always easy, but there are some tools we can use to help learn to let go of things!

Choose a Positive Affirmation

This probably sounds silly, but think about it. If the negative things we say about ourselves have the power to put us down, why can’t positive words lift us up?

Choose some meaningful positive words that you can easily repeat over and over to yourself.

  • I am worthy and deserving of all good things that come my way!
  • I am beautiful, healthy, and strong!
  • I love myself for who I am!

For best results, use a mirror. Say these positive phrases directly to yourself with meaning and compassion! Say your affirmations when you wake up, throughout the day, and before you go to sleep!

How to Use Essential Oils for Letting Go

Here are some blends you can make using essential oils for letting go!

Each blend uses essential oils listed above that are known to uplift spirits, help calm overactive emotions, ease pain and sadness, and help you release and let go of lingering negative emotions!

Everyone is different, so how one blend works for one person, may not work the same for another. Experiment and see which essential oil or blend works best for you.

Personally, Frankincense works really well for me! That is my go-to essential oil.

Blend 1

  • 3 drops lemongrass
  • 2 drops cypress
  • 2 drops peppermint

Blend 2

  • 2 drops peppermint
  • 2 drops wild orange

Blend 3

  • 3 drops vergamot
  • 3 drops wild orange

Blend 4

  • 3 drops lemongrass
  • 3 drops peppermint
  • 2 drops frankincense

How to Use the Above Essential Oil Blends for Letting Go

There are many different ways you can use essential oils! You can breathe them in through aromatherapy or apply them topically to your body.

  • Pick a blend above and add to 100 ml of water in your diffuser. Breathe in the aroma repeating your affirmation, doing a quick meditation, or just have it go in the room you are in!
  • Pick a single essential oil from the list above and add 12 to 15 drops to 100 ml of water in your diffuser. Breathe in the aroma repeating your affirmation, doing a quick meditation, or just have it go in the room you are in!
  • Pick a blend above and drip the oils on a tissue and inhale.
  • Pick a single essential oil from the list. Drip 2 to 4 drops on a tissue and inhale.
Make a Roller Blend
  • Grab a 10ml roller bottle and your carrier oil of choice. I usually go with fractionated coconut oil.
  • Pick a blend from above or 12 drops of a single essential oil from the list above. Mix the essential oils and carrier oil together in the roller bottle.
  • To use, apply to palms of hands, arches of feet, or pulse points.

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